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Discussion on Market Prospect of Cable Connector

In recent years, the connector and cable assembly suppliers have also been following their customers to the Chinese mainland to transfer, to strengthen China's connector and cable production capacity. According to the Ministry of Information Industry statistics, the current mainland China connector and cable assemblies

Of the formal manufacturers more than 600, of which Taiwan-funded companies accounted for 37.5%, 14.1% of Europe and the United States, foreign brands of connector manufacturers more than 50%. In the high-end connectors, or foreign brands have mastered the top technology, such as molex, amp and other old connector company, has been in the forefront of technology position. Domestic connector companies focus on labor-intensive products such as wire harnesses, end pieces, miniature switches, power cords, plug jacks and other products, so the domestic connector companies need to strengthen their technological level of competition. Guangzhou Hao Lung Electronics has been fully aware of this, the technology as the soul of competition, continue to invest in R & D funding.

For example, in the wiring harness, the organization of professional and technical personnel to product development, design, breaking the Japanese blockade of the five key technologies, independent research and development, the design of the wiring harness program diagram, breaking the Japanese monopoly on the design of this product.

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