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Select the electrical connector need to proceed from several aspects

1, to correctly use electrical connectors, it is necessary to understand the existing domestic and foreign production of electrical connectors produced by the type, specifications, performance and specific use of the occasion, and a detailed understanding of product quality status and meet the technical standards or norms . Mechanical parameters, environmental parameters, safety parameters, dimensions, weight, operation and installation methods and termination, contact, contact with the various types of electrical connectors can be obtained through the product physical samples, samples, manuals, product standards and protocols familiar with the master electrical connectors, electrical parameters, And so on, from the analysis of various electrical connector design and process reliability of the production level.

2, in the full investigation and study a lot of information on the basis of design according to the type of interconnection parts of the electrical connector on the functional requirements, choose the most appropriate electrical connector. In short, through the real optimization, affirmation and discovery of a number of mature, reliable and innovative structure, quality and stability of products, eliminate and remove some of the poor quality and unstable products.

3, in the correct selection of electrical connectors, you must also correctly use the electrical connector, if the installation and maintenance of the wrong operation of the electrical connector, contact with dust contaminated or wrong cable or cable, and the wrong installation, etc., are The quality of the electrical connector will produce a failure. According to an electrical connector manufacturer statistics, due to improper use of the probability of failure caused by electrical connectors to account for the total number of failures of 40% to 50%. Which we must pay close attention to.

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