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The definition of the connector

A connector is a motor system that provides a separable interface for connecting two secondary electronic systems and does not produce an unacceptable effect on the operation of the system. The keywords in the definition are "motor system", "separable" and "unacceptable role". A connector is a motor system because it is electrically connected by mechanical means. As will be discussed, the biasing of the mechanical spring creates a force between the mating two portions, which causes a metallic contact between the mating faces of the interface. The reason for applying the connector in the first place is that the mating interface is separable. There are many reasons for the need for separability. It can be made to manufacture the parts or subsystems independently and the final assembly can be carried out in one main place. Severability also makes it possible to maintain or upgrade parts or subsystems without modifying the overall system. Another reason why separability is applied is portability and support for the expansion of peripheral devices.

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