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What is FME Connector

The FME series is a miniature coax connector with screw coupling. The FME series can be used up to a frequency of 2GHz. The impedance is controlled at 50Ω. Connector styles are available for flexible and  conformable cables. Solder and crimp techniques are used to terminate this series. Applications for  the FME series are in the area of mobile communications,especially in vehicles due to their compact size and durability.


Mechanical Characteristics:

1)Durability(mating cycles):≥500;

2)Disaengagement:≥0.5 N;

3)Max.coupling torque:200Ncm;

4)Material:spring contacts:CuNiPb1p;

5)Material:crimp ferrule:Cu;

6)Material:other metal parts:CuZn


8)Finish:inner conductor:Cu2Ag5;

9)Finish:Other metal parts:Cu2Ni5


Electrical Characteristics:

1)Insulation resistance:≥5 GΩ;


3)Return Loss:≥20 db;

4)Frequency range up to:2GHz.

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