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Analysis Of BNC Connector,impedence With 50Ω And 75Ω 's Poor Contact

The BNC connector,impedence with 50Ω and 75Ω is typically a connection between the needle contact and the hole contact. We know that the components of the pin or terminal, generally there is a layer of plating, such as tin-plated tin alloy, plated pure tin, nickel, silver, silver plated palladium alloy, gold-plated, and so on. So the contact between the components, in fact, is the contact between these metal coating. Of course, the conductivity of the different coating metal is different, the corresponding contact resistance is also different. General gold conductivity is better, silver times In the welding process, because the welding is actually the process of forming the alloy, the alloy itself is a good conductor, so the reliability of the welding itself is relatively high, unless the welding is bad. However, the connection between the connectors, relying on the contact between the surface, so easily lead to poor contact, more specific reasons are analyzed below.

The contact between the two metal surfaces is good, depending on the material (different metal conductivity is different), contact pressure, the actual contact surface knot. On the type of material, the above has been mentioned, the general device coating material, are basically made by the good conductor, the impact of poor contact is not much, at most affect the contact resistance (of course, further affect whether it is easy to be oxidized ), So we will not discuss it in more detail. With regard to the contact pressure of the connector, the connector relies on the spring contact of the hole contact to give the needle contact a certain pressure. The greater the pressure the greater the better contact. Of course, the general small and thin hole contact is unlikely to provide great pressure. And if the hole contact itself is not flexible, the pressure is small, the contact is not so good. At the same time, if the hole contact or needle contact with deformation, will lead to the actual contact area is small, which may lead to poor contact. At the same time, the connector of the hole contact or needle contact is of course generally connected to the plastic, if the number of feet, may lead to a certain number of contacts on the plastic parts on the location of the deviation, so the two When the connectors are inserted, those parts that are biased are inaccessible.

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