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Analysis On The Development Trend Of Domestic RF Coaxial Connector

As the RF coaxial connector not only has the connection bridge, but also can handle the signal function, such as mixing, detection, attenuation, filtering, limiting, phase modulation, functional diversification, in line with the RF coaxial connector customer needs.

However, with the fierce competition in the connector market, the domestic connector to further highlight the contradictions, especially in the field of RF coaxial connector, the problem is more significant.

1, China's RF coaxial connector manufacturers the number of high side, but the overall size is not large, nearly 600 in the domestic RF coaxial connector manufacturers, the annual output value of 10 million yuan manufacturers only two or three, on Billion is less and less.

2, China's low-quality, shoddy RF coaxial connector product volume, affecting the overall image of the industry as a whole. A certain number of RF coaxial connector manufacturers do not have the design and testing capacity in the case of blind imitation of production, low prices into the market, seriously damage the overall image of domestic connector products.

3, China's RF coaxial connector generally lack of awareness of their own intellectual property protection.

4, the domestic RF coaxial connector products are relatively low-grade, mainly engaged in the middle and low maintenance of the product sector development.

At present, many connector series of low-frequency surface mount PCB connector has begun to mass production, and surface mount RF coaxial connector because of its structure and working conditions under the special requirements, only in mobile phones and other user terminals Products are used in bulk, the manufacturer is also quite limited. But with the continuous development of SMT technology, surface mount will become a small connector and microstrip, printed circuit board connected to the mainstream way.

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