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Bridge Effect Of RF Coaxial Connectors

A radio frequency RF Coaxial Connector is a component that is mounted on a cable or in an instrument that can be electrically connected or separated by a transmission line. Is the mechanical and electrical integration products. Division I is a professional processing of post and telecommunications, communications and other electronic products accessories. Product quality equivalent to imported products, the current series of major: photoelectric series of communications devices, electronic connectors series, electric cars, charger plugs, sockets and other series.

Simple RF coaxial connector mainly acts as a bridge:

1. Variety specifications: more than 20 international series, more variety specifications.

2. By mechanical structure to ensure that electrical characteristics, is a mechanical and electrical integration products, and other low-frequency connectors are essentially different.

3. Parts processing is mainly turning machine processing, assembly manual work, it is difficult to automate assembly.

4. Product replacement slow.

5. is an important part of the electrical connector, belonging to a certain technical content of labor-intensive products.

6. Product reliability, failure mode and failure mechanism complex.

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