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Development Status And Trend Of RF Coaxial Connector At Home And Abroad

RF coaxial connector (RF connector) is an interface device that transmits RF signals for electrical connection or separation between devices and devices, components and components, systems and subsystems, and RF signal transmission. Mainly used in wireless communications equipment, automotive electronics, medical equipment, aerospace and military navigation and other fields.

First, the development of RF Coaxial Connector

Compared with other electronic components, RF Coaxial Connector development history is shorter. The UHF connector that appeared in 1930 was the first RF connector. During the Second World War, with the development of radar, radio and microwave communication, N, C, BNC, TNC, and other medium series, 1958 years after the emergence of SMA, SMB, SMC and other small products, 1964 The US military standard MIL-C-39012 "RF connector general specification", since then, RF connector began to standardization, serialization, general direction. In 60 years time, through the joint efforts of national experts, RF connector formed an independent and complete professional system, as an important part of the connector family.

China's RF Coaxial Connector started in the early 60s, due to various reasons, the initial speed is relatively slow, late stage, especially since the reform and opening up, has been rapid development. 80 years from the use of international standards for the development and production of international generic products, mainly to state and collective enterprises. Since the 1990s, the international market structure of RF connector has undergone tremendous changes. The domestic RF connector has also increased greatly with the opening and popularization of civil communication, satellite TV system and broadband network. There have been some private, joint ventures and foreign-funded enterprises.

Second, the status of RF Coaxial Connector market development


With the development of high-tech science and technology such as wireless communication, aerospace and military cutting-edge technology, the requirements of RF Coaxial Connector are increasing and demand is increasing, which has promoted the rapid development of RF connector technology. In recent years, foreign RF Coaxial Connector in the quality and quantity have a breakthrough to improve. Has developed and marketed K-type, V-type, SSMA type, SSMB type, OSSP miniaturization, miniaturization, high frequency, high-performance products, some developed countries have developed to use the frequency of 110GHz RF connector.

The key technology of high-end RF Coaxial Connector is the master of the United States, Britain, France and other countries, its design, production, testing, use of technology has tended to improve, not only formed a complete standard system, and raw materials, materials, , Assembly tools, etc. have also been standardized, and specialized production scale.


Domestic enterprises RF Coaxial Connector is still in the low-end products, the technical content is relatively low. At present, domestic RF coaxial connector manufacturers generally exist less model specifications, lack of production automation and other issues, can not meet the communications equipment and other major high-end RF connector and its components needs. Industry high-end products rely on foreign companies supply.

The domestic RF Coaxial Connector industry is in a period of rapid development, there have been some new enterprises into the field of RF connectors, some powerful enterprises are not satisfied with the previous tracking tactics, began to independent research and development of a number of products with independent intellectual property rights. At present, there are hundreds of domestic RF connector manufacturers, but the scale is not large, the backbone of the manufacturers of production methods, general connector production level has been comparable with foreign countries.

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