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Discussion On Reliability Of Military RF Coaxial Connector

Military RF coaxial connector is based on the current military standard design, manufacture, verification of the RF coaxial connector, relative to the civilian RF coaxial connector, the reliability requirements are more prominent. Especially in modern military electronic equipment and systems is a direct impact on the new electronic devices, key subsystems, and even the whole system and system reliability, one of the key components.

This article only from the RF coaxial connector military standard understanding and product design on the application of media materials technology research, talk about some personal experience for peer reference. Because it is only the industry exchanges, coupled with the understanding of superficial, improper place please correct me.

RF coaxial connector selection:

BNC is bayonet type, used for less than 4GHz RF connection, widely used in instrumentation and computer interconnection

TNC is a threaded connection, similar to the size of BNC, the operating frequency up to 11GHz, threaded for vibration

SMA is threaded, the most widely used, the impedance of 50 and 75 ohm two, 50 ohm with a soft cable frequency of less than 12.4Ghz, with semi-rigid cable up to 26.5GHz

SMB volume less than SMA, for the insertion of self-locking structure for fast connection, commonly used in digital communications, is L9 replacement, 50 ohms to 4GHz, 75 ohms to 2GHz

SMC for threaded connections, other similar to SMB, have a wider frequency range, commonly used in military or high vibration environments

N-type connector for the screw, the air as an insulating material, low cost, frequency up to 11GHz, commonly used in test equipment, 50 and 75 ohm two

MCX and MMCX connectors are small for dense connections

BMA is used for blind insertion of low power microwave systems up to 18 GHz

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