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Fiber Optic Connectors And RF Coaxial Connector

Often the fiber optic connector and RF coaxial connector confused, here would like to ask the optical fiber connector and RF coaxial connector is the essential difference between what are the role?

The optical fiber connector is a detachable (active) connection between the optical fiber and the optical fiber, which is precisely connected to the two end faces of the optical fiber so that the light energy output from the emitted optical fiber can be coupled to the receiving fiber to the maximum, And minimizes the impact on the system due to its involvement in optical links, which is a fundamental requirement for fiber optic connectors. To a certain extent, fiber optic connectors also affect the reliability and performance of optical transmission systems.

Fiber optic connectors according to the different transmission medium can be divided into common silicon-based fiber single-mode, multi-mode connector, there are other such as plastic as the transmission medium of the fiber connector; according to the form of connector structure can be divided into: FC , SC, ST, LC, D4, DIN, MU, MT, and so on. Among them, the ST connector is usually used for wiring equipment, such as fiber patch panels, fiber optic modules, etc .; and SC and MT connectors are usually used for network equipment. According to the shape of the fiber end points are FC, PC (including SPC or UPC) and APC; according to the number of optical core is divided into single and multi-core (such as MT-RJ) points. Fiber optic connectors are widely used and varied.

The RF coaxial connector (hereinafter referred to as the RF connector) is generally considered to be mounted on a cable or mounted on the instrument as an element, as a transmission line electrical connection or separation of the components. It belongs to the mechanical and electrical integration products. Simply speaking it mainly acts as a bridge.

Compared with other electronic components, RF connector development history is shorter. The UHF connector that appeared in 1930 was the first RF connector. During the Second World War, due to the urgent need of war, with the development of radar, radio and microwave communications, produced N, C, BNC, TNC, and other medium series, 1958 appeared after SMA, SMB, SMC and other small products , 1964 developed the US military standard MIL-C-39012 "RF coaxial connector general specification", since then, RF connector began to standardization, serialization, general direction.

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