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Introduction To Commonly Used Terms In The Connector Industry

(1) Connector: A detachable component (other than an adapter) that is normally attached to a cable or device for electrical connection to a transmission line system.

(2) RF connector: is used in the RF range of the connector.

(3) video: frequency range in 3HZ ∽ 30MHZ between the radio waves.

(4) radio frequency: the frequency range of 3 thousand HZ ~ 3000 GHZ between the radio waves.

(5) high frequency: the frequency range of 3MHZ ∽ 30MHZ between the radio waves.

(6) coaxial: the inner conductor with the media support, the structure can be used in the measurement frequency range to get the smallest internal reflection coefficient.

(7) three coaxial: by a common axis and insulated with each other three layers of concentric conductor transmission line.

(8) Rating: The level of the connector in terms of mechanical and electrical precision, especially with respect to the specified reflectance.

(9) Universal connector (Class 2): A connector that is manufactured using the widest tolerances on tolerances (tolerances), but still guarantees a minimum of specified performance and interoperability. NOTE The reflectivity requirements may or may not be specified.

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