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Introduction To Selecting The Original Method Of Acceleration Sensor

In general, the choice of any sensor will first consider its sensitivity, especially the sensitivity of the acceleration sensor selection, basically each seller will tell you the sensitivity and scope of the sensor, allowing you to easily find the right product, the minimum acceleration The measured value is also called the minimum resolution of the sensor, but considering the problem of late-amplifying circuit noise, Shanghai Yunyang reminds you should try to use the lowest possible value to ensure the best signal to noise ratio. And the maximum measurement limit taking into account the non-linearity of the acceleration sensor and the subsequent maximum output voltage of the instrument. At the same time, in the frequency response, weight appropriate circumstances, the sensitivity can be considered high requirements, in order to improve the subsequent instrument input signal and improve the signal to noise ratio. And acceleration sensor frequency selection is given to the factory's frequency response curve, the curve is divided into two parts: the resonant frequency and frequency of use, Shanghai Yunyang remind you resonant frequency usually avoid unnecessary, but there are special cases such as bearing fault detection. Select the frequency of the acceleration sensor should be higher than the analyte vibration frequency, a dual-frequency analysis of the acceleration sensor needs a higher frequency response. But it also according to their own needs and decisions based on the speed of the equipment, the equipment stiffness factor to synthesize the estimated frequency, usually civil engineering is low frequency, mechanical equipment is usually in the band.

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