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New Pattern Of RF Coaxial Connector

RF coaxial connector as a passive component of an important component, with good broadband transmission characteristics and a variety of convenient way to connect, which is widely used in test equipment, weapons systems, communications equipment and other products. As the RF coaxial connector application almost penetrated into the various sectors of the national economy, its reliability is also more and more people's attention and attention. There are many varieties of RF coaxial connector, but whether it is threaded connection type: N type, SMA, 3.5mm, bayonet connection type such as: BNC, TNC, or push connection type such as: SMB, SSMB, MCX its connection The principle is roughly the same.

At present, the United States, Britain, France and other countries of the RF coaxial connector technology leader, its design, production, testing, use of technology has been successfully supporting, tend to improve, not only formed a complete standard system, and raw materials, Test systems, assembly tools, etc. have also been standardized, and specialized production scale. For RF coaxial connector, its direction has been to be miniaturized, modular, high frequency, high precision, high reliability. In recent years, RF connectors continue to develop new products, has formed an independent and complete professional system, as an important part of the connector family.

In the past, experts have predicted several major trends in the RF connector, RF connector size is getting smaller and smaller; RF connector transmission frequency continues to increase, widen; blind with RF connectors continue to increase; the threaded connector development Into a fast connector; the development and use of reverse polarity connectors; stable or phase adjustable millimeter wave connectors; surface mount connectors and so on. With the continuous development of science and technology, manufacturers are constantly improving the rapid development of the domestic information industry is a strong impetus to the RF connector market continues to grow. Its development trend is also more specific.

At present, the production of RF coaxial connector manufacturers are intensifying the competitiveness of suppliers are doing such as expanding the scale of production to ease the cost pressure, or through localization, localization to achieve lower operating costs to work to reduce costs. RF coaxial connector market prices continued to decline. Shenzhen Ai Le Le Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional production and processing of electrical connectors, RF connectors, cable assemblies and convergence of the national high-tech enterprises. The company has eight modern production lines and domestic and foreign advanced processing and testing equipment, the annual production capacity exceeded 10 million.

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