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Prevent BNC Connector,impedence With 50Ω And 75Ω From Charging And Corresponding Handling

In the video monitoring process, there is no intention to find the fault found: BNC connector,impedence with 50Ω and 75Ω connector will lead to monitoring automatically restart.

Find the cause: In this case, in the host interface, the abnormal alarm all open, the results of the host constantly issued a "drop" alarm sound, and later on each alarm switch debugging, the results found that "video signal anomaly" this An option to issue an alarm, so turn off this one, there is no alarm sound, but the host is still automatically restart. Finally no way, put all the video signal input fully unplugged, a single check, test to the fourth road when there is an alarm, with a multimeter amount of a bit, bnc head charged ----- 130 volt, the problem found , The video signal is abnormal 4-channel video signal is charged.

The above problems, I have done the following:

1, the camera removed to the host side of the field test, the results do not leak (the camera is 220 volts) image intact, no alarm

2, check the video lines and wires are wear and tear situation, the results did not. Later, a new power cord, BNC connector,impedence with 50Ω and 75Ω head or live, with a pen test, light, 156 volts.

3, the camera made a ground, it is not so, left after the power removed, bnc head no electricity.

I now want to ask the question is: bnc head to allow live, the camera itself does not leak, the cable is not wear, BNC connector,impedence with 50Ω and 75Ω head where the power? Who encountered this situation, how to deal with?

BNC does not allow live! With the power to the chassis so that the power button or reset button short circuit! The camera has not put the shield? There may be a shroud live, and see the stent has received the point! These are very important! Too long will be bad computer components! Especially the power! Look at your Computer power: the main version is not leakage

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