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RF Coaxial Connector Are Widely Recognized

With the "RF coaxial connector" 3G mobile online development industry has been widely recognized, the electronic components industry once again usher in the development of the climax. RF coaxial connector in more than sixty years time, through the joint efforts of national experts to form an independent and complete professional system, as an important part of the connector family. Is an indispensable key component of coaxial transmission system.

Compared with other electronic components, RF coaxial connector development history is shorter. The UHF series that appeared in 1930 was the first RF coaxial connector. Nearly two decades. With the rapid development of electronic technology, large-scale integrated circuit development and the successful application of computer technology, especially the military weapons series of continuous updates. To promote RF coaxial connector continue to miniaturization, broadband, multi-functional, highly reliable direction.

At present, the United States, Britain, France and other countries of the RF coaxial connector technology leader, its design, production, testing, use of technology has been successfully supporting, tend to improve, not only formed a complete standard system, and raw materials, Test systems, assembly tools, etc. have also been standardized, and specialized production scale.

Traditional marketing model, mainly based on the integration of offline channels, the traditional channel competition not only increased the marketing costs of enterprises, but also in consumer interaction marketing has also been greatly limited, 3G field for the electronic components industry innovation to provide more For the ideal innovative marketing model.

"We are fully aware of the mobile Internet, especially the popularity of intelligent terminals to the enterprise and people's daily life brought about by the revolutionary changes in recent years, the rapid development of mobile Internet at the same time, we also see that although the RF coaxial connector how to use mobile The Internet for effective marketing expertise and actual combat cases are still very lacking, but 3G marketing will become the industry's inevitable choice of marketing. "Xie Dengmei said.

From the PC platform to the development of mobile platforms, from the Internet search engine to the development of mobile Internet clients, has been demonstrated based on 3G mobile marketing has become an important area of mining wealth, mobile Internet era has come, 3G network development, mobile e-commerce and Will become an important position for more industry marketing model changes.

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