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RF Coaxial Connector Market Demand

RF coaxial connector as an important electrical connection components, in a variety of electronic equipment, instruments, electronic information systems play a pivotal role. After several decades of development, RF coaxial connector formed an independent and complete professional system, as an important part of the connector family. And the rapid development of the domestic information industry is a strong impetus to the RF connector market continues to grow.

In order to introduce the latest market and technical information in the field of RF coaxial connector, our company hopes that our view will help the majority of users understand and use RF coaxial connector. Multi-function, reliability is the development trend of RF coaxial connector In addition to the pursuit of miniaturization and high frequency of these two key technology projects, RF coaxial connector manufacturers are still products in the multi-functional and reliability aspects of continuous improvement. Now the RF connector in addition to the role of signal connection, but also both processing signal functions, such as filtering, phase modulation, mixing, attenuation, detection, limiting and so on. In addition, the low standing wave, low loss, high capacity, high power and ease of installation has become the target of the manufacturers. "With the production process changes, there have been stamping technology, the past is turning, and now through the stamping of a molding, so that the volume can be made smaller, the height of the connector is not less than 2,3 mm, Now some coaxial connectors have been done as small as sesame seeds.

In the RF coaxial connector production technology, domestic manufacturers and international manufacturers have been comparable, both the level of research and development, or production technology and marketing are foreign counterparts attention. The company is a professional manufacturer of RF coaxial connector, talked about the development trend of RF coaxial connector technology, the company's deputy general manager Zhu Kai-rong said that in line with the communications equipment, miniaturization, modular and integrated development needs, The smaller, densely packed, blindly pluggable, surface mount RF coaxial connector demand will grow significantly. "With the development of wireless technology, there will be more new consumer end products that use wireless technology, and demand for some of the more expensive RF coaxial connector for composite materials and structures will grow significantly," he said.

In addition, with the development of satellite communications and military industry, the application frequency is higher, the reliability requirements of higher RF coaxial connector demand will increase. "HSPACE = 12 ALT =" Xiao one: through the stamping technology, and now some coaxial connectors have been done as small as sesame seeds. "> The company will produce more smaller, compact RF coaxial connector products, such as MMCX series, GPO (SMP) series, D-Sub series, 2mm series, etc. At the same time, the company Improve the efficiency and reliability of product installation under a lot of effort, such as they in the international C4 series can be very good on the basis of the restructuring of the C4 structure, the introduction of TC4 series, effectively improve the insertion rate. Service, product quality first sales concept services in the majority of users!

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