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RF Coaxial Connector Market Prospects

China's RF Coaxial Connector industry in the initial stage of development, there are some shortcomings, need to continue to integrate and standardize.

1. Strength is thin, the scale is too small.

2. In the market competition concept obsolete, the civilian market has been lower than the cost of selling the situation, there are other unfair competition.

3. The sense of globalization is poor and can not meet the needs of the new economic era.

4. Digital, e-commerce management behind.

5. The tertiary institutions do not have RF Coaxial Connector professional, resulting in the lack of professionals.

6. The influx of foreign capital and the localization of production.

7. Precision connector, surface mount connector technology behind.

8. Passive intermodulation issues do not pay enough attention.

The rapid development of the downstream industry to the RF connection products industry provides a broad market space. "National long-term scientific and technological development plan (2006-2020)" and "electronic information industry restructuring and revitalization plan" and other documents on the information industry, the development of third-generation wireless communication technology are strongly supportive attitude. RF Coaxial Connector as a core component to ensure the stability of the RF signal transmission and signal transmission quality of the communication network, its development in line with the state of the communications and information industry key components to support the policy.

According to China Electronic Components Industry Association Information Center "RF coaxial connector, fiber optic connector industry analysis report" shows that in 2011 -2015, the domestic RF coaxial connector market will maintain a growth rate of not less than 15%, is expected 2015 to reach 7.15 billion yuan. The size of the high-end product market is expected to account for 23.82% of the total market size (= 47.64% * 50%).

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