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RF Coaxial Connector Variety Specifications And More Selection Is Very Important

Edit: Yuhoo Electronic Technology (Dongguan) Co..Ltd    Date: Jul 11, 2017

RF coaxial connector is installed in the cable or the instrument within a component, usually used to transmit the electrical connection or separation, is a commonly used electronic components, is a mechanical and electrical integration products. RF coaxial connector are generally mounted on a cable or instrument within an electronic component, is used to transmit the electrical connection or separation of electronic components. Is a mechanical and electrical integration of electronic components.

RF coaxial connector is installed in the cable or instrument within an electronic product, metal parts are generally made of copper material, the shell with lead brass, pin socket with beryllium bronze, with PTFE, that is, Polytetrafluoroethylene as an insulating material, the main coating is gold-plated, silver, nickel, plated ternary alloy and the like. Technical indicators are mainly characteristic impedance, insulation resistance, contact resistance, voltage standing wave ratio, insertion loss, third-order intermodulation class.

The company is a collection research and development, production, sales and service in one of the professional manufacturers. The company's main RF coaxial connector, WIFI antenna, RF coaxial cable assemblies, microwave components and mobile base station accessories, branch distributor, computer connectors, digital connectors, audio plugs and other electronic products, widely used in mobile Communications, microwave communications, telecommunications fiber, antenna manufacturing, radio and television, security monitoring, automotive industry, medical equipment, UAV, computer TV, mobile digital, audio and video, multimedia video, and other fields, the company's products are exported to the United States Germany, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and other countries and regions. Product quality and service level by domestic and foreign customers a good reputation and praise, in the field of electronic information enjoy a high reputation.

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