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Select The RF Coaxial Connector When You Need To Know The Reference Factor

RF coaxial connectors for the transmission of RF signals, the transmission frequency range is very wide, up to 18GHz or higher, mainly for radar, communications, data transmission and aerospace equipment. The basic structure of the coaxial connector includes a center conductor (a positive or negative central contact); a dielectric material outside the conductor, or an insulator; the outermost outer contact, which acts as a coaxial cable Shielding the same role, that is, the transmission signal, as a shield or circuit grounding components. RF coaxial connector are mainly divided into: SMA, SMB, BNC, TNC, SMC, N type, BMA and so on.

RF coaxial cable assembly is the RF coaxial connector and RF coaxial cable, through a certain way to install the two together, together constitute a transmission line. The cable should understand the structure size, mechanical properties, frequency of use, attenuation, etc., and the understanding of the connector should include the connector. The cable should be used to understand the structure of the cable and the RF Coaxial Connector. Structure, interface connection, the use of frequency range, and then according to their own needs to choose the appropriate connection program. As the cable and connector varieties and structure, performance varies, in order to choose to the economy and excellent performance of the components is so many customers headache one thing. In order to facilitate the user now on the cable components involved in the knowledge of the cable according to the structure and performance, the connector of the relevant knowledge for a brief introduction.

What is the RF Coaxial Connector? In the circuit of radio frequency and audio, it is necessary to use the RF Coaxial Connector to intervene to maintain stable, predetermined impedance and capacitance, or to shield the electrical interference from the outside. RF Coaxial Connector is mainly used for cables, cabinets and wall-mounted installation, and other cabinets and electrical connectors can be assembled, integrated one. RF Coaxial Connector structure part is mainly divided into contact parts, insulation, shell. The contact is also a conductive part of the RF Coaxial Connector which conveys the voltage from the connected RF coaxial cable from the rear of the RF Coaxial Connector or the signal to the contact corresponding to the RF Coaxial Connector to which it is matched , Contact with the contact structure and termination of the structure of more varieties. The use of insulation is to allow the contact to maintain a correct position of the arrangement, and to contact between the contact and the shell between the insulation.

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