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Select The RF Coaxial Connector When You Should Pay Attention To What Aspects Of Performance

A RF Coaxial Connector is a component that is housed in a cable or instrument and is used for electrical connection or separation of electronic devices. Is the mechanical and electrical integration of the series. Variety of all specifications, relying on the mechanical structure, so as to ensure the characteristics of electrical, and other low-frequency class connector has a fundamental difference. RF coaxial connector parts processing for the majority of turning machine processing, assembly is more manual. Product updates are slow. Is an important component of the electrical connector, high technical requirements, is a labor-intensive products.

We know that the RF coaxial connector cable assembly is made up of two RF coaxial connector and a certain length of RF coaxial cable, so the RF coaxial cable is an integral part of the RF coaxial connector cable assembly. Has a direct relationship with the performance of cable assemblies. We have come to the analysis of its failure mode has the following:

1, standing wave cycle is bad;

2, the local deformation caused by poor performance;

3, impedance does not match (high, low or high and low);

4, cable between the foam layer and the outer conductor;

5, the foam layer paste on the conductor, can not clean up;

6, the inner conductor size does not meet the requirements;

Above six factors will cause poor performance of the cable assembly, in order to improve the performance of cable assemblies, we must reduce the above failure mode. In particular, the size of the inner conductor must be required to meet the requirements. We understand the failure mode of the cable will find the direction of efforts to further improve our cable performance has a strong guiding significance.

Here we introduce several methods used to improve cable performance (here is mainly standing wave ratio) for your reference:

First, the internal and external conductor material selection; requirements of the cable inside and outside the conductor and RF coaxial connector model, the same impedance; Secondly, in the extrusion process, to strictly control the uniformity of foam, improve hair Bubble insulation core diameter uniformity, the stability of the capacitor; third to improve the concentricity of internal and external conductors, that is, control cable insulation does not occur eccentric; the last is to strictly control the inner conductor tolerance requirements.

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