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SMA Connector And R-SMA Connector Professional Features

Select the factors considered by the SMA connector and R-SMA connector, where the adapter cable and the frequency range used are the main factors. In engineering practice, small and cable diameters are as close as possible to minimize reflections. The greater the difference between the cable diameter and the connector diameter, the worse the performance. The inverse of the function increases, while the generally smaller connectors in the higher frequency segment, the performance is usually good. For very high frequencies (above 26GHz), the media connector. The frequency range determines the series that uses the connector. On our website, you can view a wide range of connector series and their standard so that at a lower frequency (below 6 GHz), use push-in locking or bayonet card connector. Threaded locking connections are usually used in high performance applications.

Normally the cable specification determines the impedance of the connector. 50 and 75 ohms are the two most commonly used standard impedance, and many connector series with two impedance. Ordinary cable and their characteristics see our website. Sometimes at frequencies below 500 MHz, 50 ohm connectors can be used at 75 ohms, and the performance is acceptable. The reason for this is that the 50 ohm connectors are generally inexpensive and they are widely used.

1.SMA connector and R-SMA connector variety specifications: more than 20 international series, more variety specifications.

2.SMA connector and R-SMA connector by mechanical structure to ensure electrical characteristics, is a mechanical and electrical integration products, SMA connector and R-SMA connector supply, and other low-frequency connectors are essentially different.

3.SMA connector and R-SMA connector parts processing is mainly turning machine processing, assembly manual work, high-quality SMA connector and R-SMA connector, it is difficult to automate assembly.

4. Product replacement slow.

5. is an important part of the electrical connector, belonging to a certain technical content of labor-intensive products. 6. Product reliability, Yuzhou SMA connector and R-SMA connector, failure mode and failure mechanism complex.

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