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The Connectors Are More Economical And Hardwired Than Hardwired

For plant process automation and control systems, thousands of equipment manufacturers have switched from point-to-point (hard) wiring to connector-based cable assemblies. The experience of countless vendors has proven that the use of connectivity solutions can effectively reduce unit costs while increasing productivity, one of the reasons is that it can quickly complete the order and installation. With the increase in cost pressures, many custom-made processors will reduce costs to get more profits as one of the goals. For many of their customers, connectors are better than hard-wired for obvious reasons, and are used at lower total cost of using and maintaining equipment.

It can be said at every stage of the product life cycle, connector-based wiring is better than hardwired, connector wiring and modular mechanical design can complement each other perfectly. Modularity means that a plant and a plant system are composed of many functional modules interrelated. Compared to the traditional single design method, the modularization is more economical and effective. In modular systems, standard components such as control panels, motor components, and distribution boxes can be pre-installed and then plugged together with the connector at the final assembly.

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