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The Function And Working Principle Of The Connector

(1) needle shaft: the material is generally selected for the Becu or SK, the two have their own advantages and disadvantages, Becu conductivity is good, but the lack of hardness, SK hardness, but easy to rust.

(2) spring: the same is more important, SUS SWP, especially now PB free products more and more directly lead to the pin or BGA solder ball soft or hard, in the test process have found that the original yield Very high, for solder ball or pin material, the yield is poor, the spring pressure is very important to choose the test environment of the spring material requirements are very strict, high and low temperature test directly affect the working life of the probe.

(3) the needle: the choice of materials are more commonly used PB material. In general, the main reason for poor yield is due to the probe during the test caused by the larger impedance. The greater the impedance, the majority of the needle shaft in the process of testing the arc wear and tear, coating damage, and the needle shaft caused by tin.

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